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To This Day: The Best Anti-Bullying Video


This is the most beautiful poem/video created by Shane Koyczan. He has a wonderful way with words. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and pass it on. It is probably the most amazing and moving video/poem I have ever seen/read. I was bullied as a kid and this video really hit a nerve. The first time I watched it I sat in tears, amazed at how well Shane captured everything I was feeling; everything I went through. Help take a stand against bullying! And help pass along Shane’s talent. He has blended words to make a very powerful video. He speaks of all kinds of bullying from all kinds of people. He captures every type of struggle bullying can cause. 

The ending is breathtaking. He encourages those who have been bullied to take a stand, keep fighting and prove “they were wrong!” He sends a shout out to all of us who “graduated from the class of we made it!”

Please, please, please watch this video and pass along this beautiful piece of work.